We began life as a consultancy firm delivering custom case management systems to enterprise businesses, and only started designing the core architecture of our own product after many years of working with other platforms on behalf of clients.

It is this unique insight and deep expertise that has allowed us to build a business automation platform which serves the needs of large, complex organisations – without the common pitfalls and limitations of technology that was initially developed several decades ago.

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Slicedbread founded
Our Story begins

Back in the 2000's our founders all worked for a  multi-national consultancy firm, implementing custom case management systems at scale for enterprise businesses.

Over the years (and more than a few drinks), they had an idea for a truly adaptive work automation platform. One that didn't suffer from the multitude of issues and limitations that they faced from building systems using the technology that was available.

The idea was simple. Build their own successful consultancy firm, and use the revenue generated to organically fund the creation of their own system. In mid-2011 the consultancy firm (Slicedbread) was born.

Consultancy thrives
Working with large companies

The consultancy firm quickly built an enviable reputation, and completed many large projects for household names - from a system to manage hydrocarbon expiration dates for Shell, to a custom insurance and care system for Bupa.

First legal client
We found a gap in the market

In 2013 Slicedbread implemented a custom case management system for Keoghs LLP across motor, disease, commercial, and fraud - and this project highlighted to the team that the needs of multi-department law firms and the widely varying processes across the different legal work types was not being met by the market. 

ShareDo is born
ShareDo product development begins

In 2014, product development on ShareDo began in earnest, with an initial core focus on the enterprise legal market, and the intention of ramping down consultancy work while ramping up customers subscribing to the ShareDo platform. 

ShareDo was the first new entrant into the legal case management market for over 20 years. 

We are now a product company
Successful pivoted from a service-led company

By mid-2016 and after over 10,000 days of cumulative product development, 75% of the business' revenue was coming from subscriptions to the ShareDo platform - with over 2million matters being managed by the system.

Per the original vision years ago, our transition to a product-led company was complete.

The word spreads
Winner of the 'Innovation in Legal Services' Award

We were honoured to win the 'Innovation in Legal Services' at the 2017 British Legal Technology Awards.

Hosted by Netlaw Media, the 2017 Awards recognised leadership, innovation, technology, as well as the individuals, teams and suppliers transforming the future of legal services.

Series A
Series A Funding raised to accelerate development

ShareDo received a Series A funding round investment from Sussex Place Ventures - a venture capitalist firm associated with the London Business School.

Despite always being a profitable and self-funded business, the time was right to source additional capital to accelerate the development of the ShareDo system and realise the full vision of the platform.

ShareDo goes global
Our customer base goes beyond the UK

In 2019, ShareDo began serving customers outside of the UK with the establishment of an Australian data centre, and securing our first North American client. More firms in APAC quickly followed suit.

By 2020, ShareDo is powering customers in more than 20 different jurisdictions.

Word Plugin
New Microsoft Word Plugin is released
In version 6.48 we released the first version of our word plugin; this provides a set of tools for Template and Document Authors to optimise the creation of Word documents using ShareDo Data and Content.
Version 7 released
Version 7 of ShareDo is released

In 2022 we released version 7 of the ShareDo platform. This represented a critical milestone in our product development plan, as it completed our vision of all the 'must-have' product functionality required for large law firms.

The release of version 7 also allowed us to focus on the development of our solution accelerators - prepackaged modules design for each legal department that provide an operational baseline for law firms to began their roll-out from. The accelerators meant that customers could start their deployment from 60%, rather than from 0%.

Expanded APAC presence
Opened an Australian office

Due to the continued growth in our Australian customer base, and to better serve that timezone, we opened a new office in Syndey Australia. This didn't stop our team from wanting to visit customers 'down-under' though!

Solutions partners
Launched the Global Solutions Partner programme

To expand our reach, and provide more implementation options to our rapidly increasing customer base, we launched the Solutions Partner programme. This is where we enter into commercial relationships with very carefully selected IT consultancy partners, and provide them with the training and resources to be able to charge for their services in implementing the ShareDo platform.




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