Streamline document creation with advanced templating functionality

Create in-depth document templates to streamline any work type, using ShareDo’s Word plugin and email builder. From conditional display logic to reusable content blocks, and from meta tags for search to data quality rules – ShareDo caters to the complex and diverse document needs of enterprise organisations. 

Document Template Types

Build any Document Templates that your organisation needs

ShareDo ships with several preconfigured document template types, and with the functionality to create more as needed.

Single Documents

Multi-Document Packs





Document Template Features

Deeply customisable templates with Advanced document features

Templates built in ShareDo contain all of the advanced document functionality that you would expect for an enterprise system.

Merge Tags
Browse and insert the available merge tags, which will be dynamically populated on document creation
Reusable Content Blocks
Quickly build resuable sections like standard headers and footers.
Repeating Sections
Enter tables and rows to create dynamic repeating sections - showing as many rows as the case needs.
Conditional Display Logic
Display, hide, or switch content based on user-defined rules.
Define questionnaires specific to document assembly and merge that information into the document, or use it to define rules.
Alternative Templates
Dynamically swap the master template based on rules/attributes (e.g., language, jurisdiction etc).
Quick Actions
Create “mini” workflows to record time, payments or document expectations.
Delivery Channels
Configure and prioritise acceptable delivery channels for documents (e.g., print, digital signature, email, etc).
Data Quality Rules
Specify rules for mandatory or required data for a template, together with relevant actions that a user must perform to satisfy these rules.
Output Channels
Specify dynamic tags for document titles, filenames and storage locations.
Document Admin Portal

Manage all your document templates from within a single portal

ShareDo has a dedicated Document Admin portal, that acts as a dedicated space for large organisations to manage the creation, editing, and usage of their templates.

Microsoft Word PLug-in

Augment Microsoft Word's capabilities with our in-built plugin

Document Template creation takes place from directly within Word, using our seemless Word integration plug-in.

Reusable Content Blocks

Create and search for reusable content blocks from within Word itself. Group content blocks together into sections for even faster templating and document assembly.

Data Tags

Also known as merge fields, within the Word plug-in you can search for available Data Tags that will be dynamically replaced as part of the document assembly process

Document Browser

When dynamic content has been used within your document – whether tags, sections or content blocks – these are visible within the Document Browser.

The document browser allows you to quickly “jump” to the relevant content or else remove it from your document entirely.

Display Rules for Dynamic Content

Display rules are used to specify whether a particular piece of dynamic content is displayed (or hidden) as part of the assembly process.

Version Control

Each template has full versioning control, together with publishing flows, to facilitate transparent change histories and easier version rollback.

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