keep financial records for every case

Configure a Chart of Accounts and maintain a ledger against each invidiual case or matter for accurate invoicing, time management, budgeting, and more.
Chart of Accounts

Report on budgets & transactions with a full chart of accounts

Define a single Chart of Accounts for your organise, and specialise this structure for different work types and clients.

Easily Define and extend
Chart Segments

Customise the Chart of Accounts to capture any data that your finance team requires – including both internal code structures (e.g. Account Type / Category / Code) and external related coding structures (e.g. Bank Accounts, JCodes etc).

Minimise data entry by Contextually Restricting codes and segments

Restrict Codes and Segments by Case Type, Client, or Transaction Type to allow for consolidation of a single Chart of Accounts without overwhelming users with an endless list of required data entry.

Case Ledger

keep case handlers
out of finance systems

Whenever a financial transaction occurs on a case or matter in ShareDo it is posted into the case ledger. The balances can then be visualised realtime by case, or rolled up by client and/or department.

Used properly the combination of the Chart of Accounts and the Case Ledger means that your Case Handlers can manage all financial tasks related to the case without having to access external finance systems (ERPs & PMSs).

financial transaction types

Post different transaction types
into the case ledger

ShareDo offers several different transaction types that can be posted into the case ledger. Each transaction type can also be augmented with functionality for goods and services items, multi-currency, offers and units of measure.


Keep a record of any outgoing payments made to third parties.


For managing negotiation cycles against costs, damages or other items.

Time & Fees

To record time spent on activities and the fees related to those activities

Invoices & Reconciliations

Bills for your services together with receipt of payment.

Account Adjustments

Import of values from third-party systems or managing client/office account transfers

Data Visualisation

Visualise the ledger in user-friendly formats

The state of the case ledger can be summarised and visualised in several different ways. For example – the Account Summary widget makes it easier for users to track key things like actual vs budget amounts.

Budget Management

Create budgets against each case to proactively manage financial data

Create budget structures to track the progress of any data captured in the chart of accounts and case ledger.

Typical uses include the tracking of internal costs, estimated settlements, reserving, quantum, and completion statements – however budgets can be used to track any number of important operational metrics depending on the businesses needs. 

Payments & Accounts Receivable

Clear visibility
of case financials

Manage Payments and Accounts Payable processes with a specialist work type for detailed management and oversight of key financial information, and for a greater focus on profitability and margin.

This work type can be extended as you see fit, with significant out-of-the-box functionality that includes disbursements, settlement payments, debt and much more.

Each payment type can be configured with their own rules and functionality for things like approval, delegated authorities, case accounting, and price lists (for pre-approved pricing).

Invoicing & Receipts

End-to-End Management of
the invoicing process

Manage the entire Invoicing & Accounts Receivable Process

ShareDo has a specialised work type for invoices, allowing businesses to manage the entire invoicing process – including approval, delegated authorities, receipt capture, and more.

Standardise Invoice Management
with Phase Plans

Breakdown the invoice lifecycle management into distinct phases, and use these phases to improve efficiency with standardised processes and workflow automations.

Reduce Outstanding bills & Improve cashflow with automated invoice chasing

Waste less time chasing payments with an automated follow-up strategy powered by ShareDo’s workflow automation tools.

Define custom strategies based on how you would like to handle a particular client and/or work type, and use those strategies to drive automation and intelligent handling. Escalate the process however you see fit with whatever rule set your business requires.

Consolidate Multiple OVERDUE Invoices together into A Single payment plan

Especially useful for things like Debt Recovery Matters – with invoice payment plans you can consolidate multiple invoices into a single “plan” and then create, agree on, and monitor payment instalments with the payee.

Goods & Services

Maintain a predefined price lists of Goods & services

ShareDo enables businesses to maintain predefined lists for items that the business purchases, or services that the business offers. This list is fully extendable and includes purchase items / discount, fixed price services, and rate cards.

Using these flexible price lists allows businesses to employ standard price lists across different clients, or entirely seperate price lists for every client, depending on the use-case reuired for each business department.

Time Recording

Time recording tools for accurate billing & process optimisation

Proactively monitor time targets for both case handlers and individual cases with aggregated reporting, to better understand company performance.

Time Recording

Inbuilt time recording tools for accurate billing and process optimisation

Capture time recording passively for Management Information

Passively capturing time recording  allows businesses to understand data around their workflow processes for more intelligent decision making. For example – understanding how long a specific process, phase, or activity will take in order to calculate accurate cost of delivery.

Bill Clients Quicker and More Accurately

Time Recording can be combined with specific codes and fee structures to generate bills for clients, based on the work undertaken and who completed it.

Multiple Ways to Record Time units as Needed

Record time with the stopwatch tool, or instead via fixed units preset based on what event is taking place (e.g. producing a specific document).

Adjusted time codes based on the case context for a truly flexible system that adapts to any use-case.

Streamline time recording notes

Automatically generate time recording note narrative based on the case and activity context that it is being captured against. 

Additionally, define a blacklist of terms that prevent a time recording note from being submitted.

Real time Capture of case and user targets

Proactively monitor time targets for both case handlers and individual cases with aggregated reporting, to better understand company performance


Customisable fee structures to meet your needs

Fee Structures can be entirely customised on a per work type basis, to provide for the different commercial arrangements that can exist across an enterprise organisation.

This includes a variety of pre-built templates to create default fee structures for your Clients or Product lines, and fee models that include Conditional Fee Agreements, Fixed Fee, Hourly, and more. 

Defined default fee structures are applied when a case is created, but these can be overidden if required (subject to approval rules).


Allow Users to work from a Single Platform with ERP & PMS integrations

ShareDo has several seamless integrations with best-of-breed ERP and PMS software providers. This means case handlers can operate entirely within the ShareDo platform, while the financial department can work from their provider of choice.

Import & Export

Simplify moving from another system with bulk exporting & importing

Enable a smoother transition from your existing software by quickly importing your Chart of Accounts, Work Types, Segment Code’s and more.

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