Collaboration tools that mAKE WORKING TOGETHER EASIER

Today’s business environment makes the ability to collaborate on work digitally even more important. ShareDo has several tools designed to facilitate this process.



A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a dedicated sharing space for all documents related to a case. Each case or matter can have their own unique data room, and are highly configurable depending on your business needs. Think of it like a Dropbox file for each case, with additional features layered over it.

Create as many vDRs as you need

Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) are included in the ShareDo subscription, and there are no usage limits to the amount that you can create. This allows organisations to build multiple VDRs for each case or matter in a scalable fashion, and make them a core part of a standardised case workflow – rather than reserve them for special use cases due to cost.

Gain peace of mind when sharing Sensitive documents

Virtual data rooms allow you to securely control access to shared documents and the actions a recipient can perform. For example certain external user types may only be able to view a document, while another may be able to download or edit it.

Tailor the VDR system to work differently depending on your needs

There are several depoyment options for Virtual Data Rooms (VDR), and each business department can choose the option that works best for them.

For example – you could automatically create a VDR with the correct permissions and external parties when a case handler is added to the case. Alternatively, a VDR could be created only when certain case requirements are met.

Seamlessly integrates with your DMS for simple drag-drop functionality

The Virtual Data Room (VDR) widget is configured to work seamlessly with your chosen Document Management System (DMS).

This includes adhering to the folder heirachy – meaning that the Document tab on each case only shows the documents that are within that case’s folder.

Make external party tasks easier

You can configure the system to send notifications to external parties when a new document is added to the VDR.

Using our persona and client portals system, external parties can access the document directly from a dedicated portal built for them, and even complete any related tasks directly from there. This helps streamline your own business’ workflows, and any 3rd party tasks that block case progress too.


Build Case overviews to find key information quickly

Save time refreshing your memory on cases, and forget file handover notes.

With ShareDo you can build wiki pages for each case, so that the key information is available at a glance for anyone who needs it.

Any information stored against the case can be featured in the overview, including documents, outstanding tasks, emails, and more.

Commenting system

communicate in context with case specific messaging threads

Like a MSTeams group for each case – commenting allows colleagues to keep those back-and-forth messages off the phone and out of the inbox, to promote aysnchronous communication and minimise work interruption.

Decide where and when to be notified about a comment on a per work type basis- whether that’s once per day via email, or instantly via SMS. Choose the balance that works best for you to improve communication without impacting a user’s working routine.

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