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ShareDo’s modern work management software allows large law firms to move their case and matter management to the cloud. With our platform you can build a truly custom case management solution for each legal department’s unique needs, allowing you to manage more cases with the same resources, improve profitability, and deliver a market-leading client experience.


The problem

Different legal WORK requires different processes to work efficiently


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With each legal department working differently and expanding their needs, over time tech teams have been forced to purchase more and more tools. This leads to the subsequent challenge of trying to stitch them together on an ad-hoc basis, and oversee the processes of various departments that work in drastically different ways. Ultimately creating a huge workload just to keep things functioning – this leaves little room for regular and continual process improvement.

Many large law firms end up wasting tech budget on unused licenses, on overlapping system capabilities, or on under-utilised tools due to the complex nature of onboarding a multitude of different processes.

Technology, competition, and regulatory pressure all serve to create constant downward pressure on the operating margin of the legal industry – especially in the higher-volume work types. Any law firm that does not protect their margins through the use of modern tools will eventually be out-competed on price.

Many legal firms are still running their own on-premises servers. This causes a huge amount of work and cost that includes maintenance, hardware upgrades, and even the pain of managing secure VPN access to enable remote work.

Staff must battle with the firm’s systems on a daily basis, leading to a less efficient and more frustrated team that has a direct correlation with workforce retention.

In order to take on more work and increase revenue, firms must hire additional lawyers. Therefore profitability & revenue growth is linked to fixed cost in a nearly linear fashion. On the other side of this problem – should volume of work drop (e.g. for macro-economic reasons), firms are forced to lose staff which also generates cost.

Without a unified way of working, making quick changes to the way legal work is managed is near impossible, causing many organisations to ‘live’ with problems and inefficiencies.

If departments are using different processes and tools, obtaining useful Management Information (MI) is challenging because decision-makers are forced to compare apples with oranges. Any MI gathered must be manually processed to ensure accuracy, leading to a delayed and process-heavy reporting function.

Many firms have found themselves unable to take advantage of the shift towards AI technology because their legacy technology does not have the required modern integration capabilities, and their data architectures are neither consolidated nor accurate enough to reliably feed Ai models.



No-code Workflow Automation

Manage more cases with the same resources, to increase marginS & drive profitability

Easily automate any process with Sharedo’s no-code drag & drop workflow tool. Rapidly develop and optimise your work processes, so that ShareDo makes light work of daily tasks and enables fee earners to be more efficient by spending less time on low-value work (regardless of the case type).

work management tools

Sharedo helps your lawyers bill an additional hour every day

ShareDo has many tools that are designed to make daily work tasks quicker, easier, and more accurate. These tools seamlessly integrate into the platform User Interface, helping fee earners to waste less time on time sink activities like navigating between screens, allocating work, chasing approvals, and more.


keep what works and avoid waste by connecting your favourite tools

ShareDo has over 40 pre-built integrations for many of the most common legal tools.

Additionally, we operate on an ‘API-first’ design ethos which means that integrations aren’t just an after thought, but the foundation upon which our platform is built.

Our platform has over 400 REST API endpoints – every user action can also be achieved through system-to-system integration – which ultimately means that the ShareDo platform has unlimited integration capabilities, and can communicate with any tool with its own modern API.


Create unlimited client portals for industry-leading case transparency, without purchasing extra tools

Fully customise your Client Portals to show one view to consumer clients, and a totally different view to business clients. Or split the views even further with different views for each type of consumer client, and so on.

Portals aren’t limited to clients either – you can also create unique and fully secure portal views for all external parties (e.g. medical experts, opposing parties, external auditors, etc).

From these portals you can show case progress,  access or submit  documentation, communicate, or even submit payments through a connected payment gateway.

Building portal-views is easy too – just drag and drop from a selection of the 100+ prebuilt widgets.


connect sharedo with your preferred dms tool

With ShareDo’s seamless integration with leading Document Management Systems (DMS) like NetDocuments, iManage,  and SharePoint, managing documents has never been easier. Enjoy the benefits of your preferred DMS directly within the ShareDo platform, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems and streamlining document management workflows for increased efficiency and productivity.



Manage a large number of multi-variable and nuanced work-types

Each department in a large law firm has unique needs. Combined with regulatory changes, client specific requirements and jurisdictional nuances, this can lead to a spiralling number of work-types and variables that become unwieldy to maintain and near-impossible to optimise. ShareDo’s unique work-type modeller  uses an inheriterance-based model, which makes the process of managing many different interconnected work types simple and scalable. Whether it’s bespoke, or process-driven legal work,  with ShareDo’s comprehensive case management solution you can manage the entire legal case journey from start to finish, and enable every department to operate within a single platform – making for a cleaner user experience, and allowing the tech team to focus on optimising work processes for success rather than maintaining an ever-growing bundle of knots.
Persona ENGINE

Display the right information, to the right people, at the right time for a truly tailored user experience

ShareDo’s persona engine allows you to show an entirely different screen view to a user, depending on who they are. A fee earner might see one view of case, with a manager or support staff seeing entirely different views of the same case depending on their needs.

This allows firms to create a truly tailored and data secure user experience to show their team the information they need (and are allowed) to see in the context they need to see it – reducing wasted time, informing better judgement, and allowing for focused productivity rather than endlessly navigation and loading times.

Business intelligence

Leverage your Data For Actionable Insights & Decision-Making with Ai & Machine learning

ShareDo learns with every case you complete and acts as your own personal data scientist. Analysing data in real-time, ShareDo provides you with actionable insights throughout the user experience, so you’re always more informed and at the top of your game.

solution accelerators for rapid deployment and faster time to value

sharedo ships with pre-made 'modules' for each legal work type / department

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Automatically capture billable hours

With ShareDo’s Automatic Time Recording feature, billable hours are captured for you as you work. Say goodbye to manual time entry and ensure that every minute spent on client matters is accurately accounted for, boosting productivity and maximising revenue for your firm.

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