Seamlessly Integrate Your Document Management System of Choice

ShareDo does not store documents – this is a specialist service for which there are several excellent providers. Instead, we have out-of-the-box and seamless integrations with best-of-breed Document Management Systems (DMS). A user can access all of the functionality of the chosen DMS from within the ShareDo platform, so that from their perspective it does not matter which one is being used.

How It Works

ShareDO's Approach to Document Management Systems (DMS)

Generation, editing, bundling, splitting, sharing and more – our system provides a range of tools that overlay your DMS so that you gain all of the benefits of accessing your tools from one place with our smooth UX and UI, combined with the powerful functionality of a best-of-breed DMS.

ShareDo is Not a DMS. We integrate with the best-of-breed solutions

ShareDo does not store your documents – these will reside in your DMS of choice. However, you can access your DMS repository from within the ShareDo interface – so from a user’s perspective it does not matter which DMS you are using.

Display, Open & Edit Documents within ShareDo

Each time the ‘documents’ section of a work item is accessed, ShareDo will display (in its own interface) a list of all documents/emails filed in the exact hierarchy that exists in your DMS.

Documents can be opened, edited and actioned in other ways through ShareDo and upon saving, they update the underlying DMS store – providing a smooth experience for users.

Live two-way Integration between ShareDo and your DMS for a 'single version' of truth

Any new documents and emails created in the ShareDo playform will be stored in the DMS – and will be accessible from within ShareDo or directly from within the DMS itself.

Similarly, any new documents and emails stored directly within the DMS (e.g. bypassing ShareDo) will also be accessible from both the DMS and ShareDo.

Any existing plugins Supplied by your DMS will be unaffected

The integration between your DMS and ShareDo is a near live two-way communication of data. This means that even if you manage documents from a third party plugin, because the data is updated in the DMS repository, this change is subsequently communicated and reflected within the ShareDo platform.


All the documents related to a case, stored in one place

The document repository provides a ‘live’ view of the underlying DMS structure, including adherence to any existing security barriers.

Easily add more documents with a drag & drop system

Adding more documents to the case or matter is as simple as a drag & drop. This processes adheres to your underlying DMS’ folder structure and instantly updates both platforms. Documents added directly to your DMS will also show in ShareDo, ensuring that you have a single source of truth at all times. 

Find the document you need quickly with filter and search functionality

Stop wasting time scrolling through pages of documents, and use a simple search box to narrow down what to what you are looking for instead. This search seamlessly integrates with the search capabilities of your underlying DMS. You can also quickly navigate around folders, without going back and forth between screens.

document preview, annotations, and redactions

Instantly preview the document from within ShareDo. From the preview screen you can even create annotations of add redactions, all without needing to open the document itself.
Scan & Process Inbound Post

Integrate MFDs & Scanners to bulk import documents and post

ShareDo can be integrated with multi-functional devices (MFDs) and scanners to facilitate the bulk import of documents into the system. This can either be performed in a fully integrated fashion or via the manual filing interface.

Enchance your dms capabilities
with additional tools



Take any documents that have been uploaded or created in ShareDo, and bundle them together into one single PDF document. Bundles can be fully styled, indexed and paginated and even amended, all without leaving the ShareDo application


Split a multi-page document into separate discrete documents

Splitting any multi-page documents uploaded to or created in ShareDo, is a simple matter of selecting the pages you wish to extract and hitting save.


How do I integrate our chosen DMS?

Document Management is a critical workpathway for our customers – that’s why we have created pre-built integrations with the best-of-breed DMS systems on the market today. As part of our onboarding service, the team will work with you to ensure the integration runs smoothly. The setup can take as little as a single day – though this can take longer if you wish to do things like tidy up your document folder structure etc.

Absolutely – ShareDo’s ethos is to enable customers to ‘work their way’ and switching DMS providers either before , during, or after you have start using ShareDo is a critical part of this methodology. 

No – ShareDo does not manage the storage of your documents. This is a specialised technical service and is not an area we wish to enter. That’s why we seamlessly integrate with the best-of-breed solutions for this service, in a way that users don’t even realise it is happening.

Absolutely not. The commercial arrangements with your selected DMS provider has no bearing on how you use ShareDo or its associated costs. There are no additional usage charges for things like API calls, or documents stored / previewed etc.

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