Empowering Your Success Through Partnership & Expertise

At Sharedo, our Customer Success team is dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships that drive your success. We believe in proactive engagement, continuous improvement, and delivering exceptional value in every interaction. 

The Components of Our Customer Success Program


Dedicated Customer Success Management

Each customer is paired with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who provides personalised support and strategic guidance.

Training Services

We offer thorough training to help your team become proficient in using Sharedo, ensuring maximum productivity.

Support and Service Desk

Our dedicated support team ensures timely resolution of any issues, minimising disruptions.

Help and Knowledge Content

Access our extensive library of guides and best practices to find answers and learn independently.

Kaizen events

Our Kaizen events are designed for proactive, large-scale problem resolution. When customers face challenges, such as relying on spreadsheets, we work with them to identify and rapidly solve the issue. These events include:

  • Pre-event Planning: Thorough preparation and strategy formulation.
  • Engagement: Listening to end users and understanding their pain points.
  • Discovery and Design: Collaborative sessions to design the solution.
  • Implementation: Configuring the solution in real-time.
  • Testing and Feedback: Immediate testing and user feedback to ensure the solution meets their needs.

These dynamic and interactive sessions often result in fun and effective outcomes.


Our Expert Services process focuses on listening to users and identifying quick wins for immediate deployment.

We hold regular sessions with customers to uncover and address any issues users have been tolerating, leading to overall system improvements. Insights gathered are used to drive further configuration and enhancement of our own product and services, creating a virtuous cycle where helping your business work better also helps our business too.


Our “Customer for Life” principles guide us in ensuring  our customer’s journey with Sharedo is both rewarding and effective.


We Are a Partner, Not a Supplier

We build mutual partnerships with our customers, using our expertise to help them achieve their big-picture goals. We actively listen and integrate their insights into our strategies.


We Know and Listen to Our Customer

Understanding our customers’ strategic goals and pain points allows us to provide proactive value in every interaction.


We Strive for Lean and Successful Implementations

Leveraging our implementation experience, we anticipate challenges and provide education to ensure smooth and successful deployments.


We Empower Our Clients

By offering comprehensive training and resources, we strive to ensure our clients are self-sufficient and can fully utilise our products.


We Are a Customer Success Organisation with Deep Knowledge

Our team is dedicated to understanding both the product and our customers, providing value and expertise in every interaction.


We Use Data-Driven Insights

We harness data to maximise product value for our customers and measure our performance to continuously improve.


Experience the benefits of a dedicated Customer Success team that is committed to your long-term success. With ShareDo, you can confidently overcome challenges, maximize your investment, and achieve your business goals