Everything you need to manage emails at scale

From pre-built templates to dynamic content, and automatic email workflows to shared inboxes. ShareDo has all the functionality large organisations might need to intelligently manage a high volume of emails, across any use case, in the manner that works best for them.


How your organisation chooses to manage emails depends on a number of factors – your processes, the work that you are undertaking, individual user preference, and so on. ShareDo offers multiple ways of integrating email management so that you can pick what works best for your use-case.

Manage emails in both ShareDo and outlook at the same time with our OUTLOOK ADD-IN

Our Outlook add-on allows businesses and users to access all of the advanced email functionality that ShareDo offers from within Outlook itself.

This is the most common form of deployment – businesses can manage their emails in both ShareDo and Outlook at the same time, with the relative balance depending on the departmental and individual use-case. For example – initiating new email threads from ShareDo, and then ‘following them up’ from Outlook.

Manage all emails entirely in ShareDo

Usually seen in volume envronments and especially useful for instances where team emails are responded to by multiple people – businesses can also choose to do away with Outlook entirely by processing all email tasks within the ShareDo platform. 


Advanced email functionality
for the digital world

Manual WYSIWYG editor & Automatic workflows

Emails can be created within ShareDo in multiple different ways. From the standard manual WYSIWYG editor, to a pre-defined email template that is either sent automatically or first requires manual editing – and everything in between.

Creating emails in context within the system allows the platform to infer required data, making email creation faster and more accurate.

For especially important emails you can add in an approval process too, to ensure that your most experienced people keep control of the most critical communication pathways.

Build email templates for quick access to reused content

System & Document admins can build email templates, and pin access to them from the ‘Prepare’ menu. The options available can change based on the case/matter type or even the phase of a case – meaning that the prepare menu can show different things to different people, depending on the context of what they are working on.

HTML Blocks, Dynamic Content, Merge Tags, Questionnaires and much more

ShareDo offers very advanced email functionality, allowing system and document admins to radically streamline a work type’s operational process.

Highlight related tasks on the same screen

Tasks related to the created email will be highlighted to the user and can be completed on the same screen – without having to waste time clicking through to other areas of the platform. 

Record the time taken on each email for accurate billing

ShareDo’s built-in time tracking functionality will record the time taken on each email. Depending on your configuration, this can be combined with hourly rates for accurate billing of clients / third parties. This data can also be used for internal reporting to understanding things like where drafting is taking too long, or where new email templates should be created.

shareD email boxes


Any emails sent to shared inboxes will be detected and filed automatically based on your custom rules. These emails can be displayed to the entire team in a team inbox, or hidden from everyone but the assignee, depending on the email’s sensitivity.

email tracking, LUGGAGE tagging & FILING

Quickly File emails to sharedo from within outlook

Both incoming and outgoing emails are marked with a “luggage tag” (a unique reference number). This allows emails to be filed to Sharedo from within Outlook in a single click, along with additional functionality like adding new case participants, filing documents, and recording time.

syncronise appointmentS

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