Control what people see based on who they are & what they're doing

ShareDo’s persona and portal engine allows you to build an entirely tailored experience for each group of users that use the system – including for both internal and external parties, and also on per a work type basis. This allows you to show the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, for efficient work at scale.

(User view vs Client view)

Group user types into personas for targeted & user-centric system design

ShareDo’s persona engine is at the heart of what makes our system unique. The platform can be bespoke for each persona that you create on a per work-type basis. This allows you to create a truly tailored user experience for every use-case imaginable.

Create Unlimited personas in a couple of clicks - all with no-code

The Persona Modeller makes creating and editing Personas simple, with no coding expertise required whatsoever.

Need 10 different personas for each of your 50 different work types? No problem. ShareDo can support an unlimited number of personas on a per work type basis.

Managing persona permissions is easy too, with a Business Rules engine that allows you to create reusable access rules.

Personas aren't limited to internal users

Building personas for external parties allows you to grant clients, consumers, or other third-parties like Medical Experts, with unlimited access to your system. You can control exactly what they can or can’t see based on their security profile.

Combined with the portal-view functionality, you can precisely control what third-parties can or cannot see.

Get started Quicker with out-of-the-box common personas

To help new users get started quicker, ShareDo comes preconfigured with common persona types. These are just a starting point, to help with quicker implemention and reduce time to value for new customers.



Portals refer to the User Interface that is shown to an individual accessing the platform. ShareDo allows you to build an unlimited number of Portals, and customise every interactable element in a quick and scalable way. When combined with the persona engine, this enables businesses to create an entirely different User Experience for each user group that your organisation interacts with – for both internal and external parties.

'Workbench' portals & 'Work Item' Portals

Workbench portals offer users a summary view of all of the work that is relevant to them. You can create as many different workbench portals for each persona as you need, with each showing a summary of different types of data as required. For example a manager might need a tab section on approvals, whereas a case support worker might need a tab on outstanding tasks.

In contrast, a Work Item offers users an in-depth view of a specific case or matter, and this view can be similarly customised based on user or work type.

Portal Designer to easily create and personalise views for different User Groups

The Portal Designer is your central hub for creating, editing, and maintaing Portal views for your different personas. Built using an inheritance model, this allows you to rapidly roll-out, and more easily maintain a highly customised enterprise setup. 

rapidly build each custom view's content with a simple drag & drop system

Building out the content shown on each Portal View is as simple as dragging a widget where you want it.

There are over 200 widgets available out of the box. However, if you need to build something custom, you can also code your own widgets using ShareDo’s Independent Development Environment (IDE).

Analyse usage with Page View Analytics

Similar to Google Analytics – when your users interact with the ShareDo platform the data is captured. This data can be viewed in reports to analyse usage, and further optimise the user experience.

For example – if the data shows users regularly scroll to the bottom of a Workbench to access a particular widget, you can move the widget higher up the screen in an instant, to reduce total scroll time.

Same Case. different view

Different personas can visit the same page, and receive a tailored UI depending on their needs.

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Same Case. different access

Control confidentiality – lock who can see what

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