Take complete control of how sharedo workS for each practice area

Large law firms typically operate many different practice areas, with each one having their own bespoke processes and needs. ShareDo allows businesses to fully customise the system for each practice area’s needs, while keeping the whole organisation working from within a single platform.



Rather than starting your deployment from scratch for each work type, we have already done some of the work for you.

Our solution accelerator packs are out-of-the-box set ups for common business scenarios, that provide the starting blocks for process improvement. This means new customers can start tailoring the system to their own needs and preferences immediately, rather than having to waste time building basic functionality, leading to a drastic reduction in deployment time.

We have solution accelerators for over 90 different legal work types



ShareDo began its legal journey working with Defendant firms like Keoghs and Hill Dickinson, expanding over the years to work with some of the world’s most renowned leaders in this field. Our ‘solution packs’ provide a full suite of Defendant workflows and work types including RTA, Professional Negligence, EL/PL, Medical Negligence, Property Damage together with the ability to quickly extend these to meet your unique requirements. Support is provided for a variety of litigation and ADR protocols, mass claims and integration with claims portals such as MoJ


ShareDo claimant ‘solution packs’ are managing both high volume and complex claims for firms like Digby Brown, Hall & Wilcox and Shakespeare Martineau for both B2B and B2C claims.

The solution provides out-of-the-box configuration for both work types such as RTA, ULR, Property Damage and Medical Negligence, together with the ability to perform class actions. A full suite of functionality covers the entire matter lifecycle from investigation through to intimation, litigation and settlement.


ShareDo has been supporting leading real estate practice groups since its inception. Our solution packs support both Commercial Asset Management and Residential workflows with out-of-the-box configuration for Acquisitions, Disposals, Leases, Licences, Side Letters, Surrenders, Wayleaves and many more.

The solution packs provide integration with search providers such as InfoTrack together with persona-driven portals for B2C and B2B customers.


ShareDo enables you to manage both volume and complex commercial matters including contract negotiations, due diligence, project management and finance.

Our ‘solution packs’ give legal service providers the ability to provide either self-service contract creation or outsource contract management services to their clients. Through ShareDo’s sophisticated automation engine you can configure highly personalised contract templates to improve delivery to customers.


Our Debt Recovery ‘solution accelerator’ can be configured for both business and consumer (PAP) debt recovery processes and supports both straight-through processing and assistive workflows.

Our accelerator manages all stages of the debt lifecycle including pre-action, service, litigation, settlement and enforcement. It can manage both simple and complex debt tranches with extensive functionality for payment plans, tracing and customer portals.


ShareDo’s Family Law ‘solution accelerator’ provides assistive workflows for a variety of matter types including Family Protection such as Court of Protection, Non-Molestation Orders, Occupation Orders and Financial Applications.

Our solution enables drafting support for different family agreements including pre-nuptials, post-nuptials and child arrangements. Our divorce work types support both contested, mediated and uncontested flows.


Do solution accelerators cost extra?

No  there is no additional cost for solution accelerator packs. All available packs, and any that we build in the future, are available as part of the subscription to the ShareDo platform.

Absolutely – not only do we encourage this, but that is how they are designed. The solution accelerator packs are there to cover basic functions like case participants, documents, processes and so on. Rather than starting at 0%, solution accelerators allow our new customers to start from 60%. To truly make the most of ShareDo, business should consider them to be the launching point, not a fully fledged setup that is ready to go live immediately. 

Yes – and this is exactly how we recommend large organisations should go about migrating multiple business units over to a single platform. The beauty of the ShareDo system is that our inheritance-based permissions and settings framework should mean that each subsequent deployment gets faster.

Very easily. The ethos of the ShareDo platform is extensibility and rapid customisation. For example, our visual workflow builder allows for small amendments to be made rapidly, and without code, via a drag/drop system.

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