Looking back on 2023

As we look back at 2023, we’re energised by the boundless levels of enthusiasm the community continued to bring to transforming the legal and insurance sectors using technology. Great shifts forward continued to happen and we’re still digesting the progress and improvements we brought to ShareDo during the year.

We had hundreds of conversations and interactions with clients, leaders, lawyers, and specialists in the UK and around the World. Without these, we really wouldn’t be where we are today, and I want to thank everyone that provided feedback and inspiration to help drive the ShareDo platform forward to where it is right now.

There were a lot of highlights for our team, platform and clients during the year.

Here’s six of the best…

Onwards and upwards

2023 continued the same trajectory as the previous year, resulting in a great year of 50% YoY growth as we saw law and insurance firms transitioning to digital-first strategies at an accelerated pace.

​The year in numbers

We delivered 17 large new projects, welcomed 8 new clients and have been selected by a further 2 that will close early this year. This is a testament to both our platform and the growing trend of digital transformation in the sector.

Supporting you and your customers

The platform’s user base surged with 5,000 new legal and insurance professionals enjoying greater efficiencies and enhanced customer service for their service users. ShareDo’s ability to unlock time that was previously spent on repetitive tasks has been continually evident in the feedback we receive. If you’re not currently part of the ShareDo club, our YouTube deep-dive video series may help you see what you’ve been missing out on.

Bells and whistles

2023 brought a regular stream of updated features and benefits added to the ShareDo platform, including new Outlook, Word and Teams (in Alpha) integrations. You can learn more about the platform’s features and roadmap updates within our online Knowledge Base.

Building a better case Down Under

We launched our base of operations in Australia back in the Summer and inked agreements with brilliant new partners Mosmar and Morae. Collectively, we’ve made great strides in bringing our combined services to the region, helping new clients innovate and grow. The Morae/ShareDo roadshow of Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland proved a real highlight, and we look to continue events like these in 2024.

Joining the club

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you may already be aware that ShareDo is now being adopted by insurance firms like challenger-brand Zego. We’ve always been quietly confident in the potential of the wider benefits of the platform, and our new Insurance Solution Accelerator is helping pave the way for the sector to stay ahead of the competition with ShareDo.

So, that was 2023 and we have a lot to look back on to be proud about. Now, it’s time to push forward and make ShareDo an even greater experience for all of our clients.

Here’s to sharing and doing more together in 2024!

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