DWF Announces Successful Implementation of ShareDo Case Management System


DWF, the global provider of integrated legal and business services, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of ShareDo as its new case management system for its Motor Recoveries Practice. This is a key step for DWF’s vision of creating a unified system that works across the entire business, and it marks an important milestone in its data strategy to enable the secure and ethical adoption of AI.

With a focus on harnessing accurate data to drive insights and improvements, DWF sought a platform capable of managing all legal work-types while being scalable and API-first. ShareDo emerged as the ideal solution, offering the flexibility and functionality needed to support DWF’s diverse range of services and clients.

At the core of DWF’s decision to implement ShareDo was the platform’s commitment to innovation in AI and technology. ShareDo’s advanced capabilities not only streamline workflows but also augment and support DWF’s journey towards leveraging data and technology to deliver superior outcomes for both clients and internal stakeholders.

Jon Grainger, Chief Technology Officer of DWF, said, “ShareDo is a game-changer for our business as usual, global operations and digital transformation. It enables us to automate and optimise our processes across different jurisdictions, work types and practice areas, while ensuring compliance and quality standards. It also provides us with a unified platform to leverage the power of data and AI to improve our performance, efficiency and client experience. ShareDo is not just a software solution, it’s a strategic partner that helps us achieve our vision of being a leading global legal business.”

Sebastian Negreira, Chief Revenue Officer of ShareDo, added, “We are thrilled to partner with DWF in their digital transformation journey. DWF’s commitment to innovation and excellence perfectly aligns with ShareDo’s mission to empower legal businesses with transformative technology solutions. Together, we will drive positive change in the legal industry and set new standards for efficiency and client satisfaction.”

DWF’s partnership with ShareDo underscores their commitment to innovation and excellence in the legal industry. Together, they are poised to redefine standards and set new benchmarks for efficiency, effectiveness, and client satisfaction.


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Oliver Sherrington – Head of Marketing


About DWF:

DWF is a global provider of integrated legal and business services. It has approximately 4,000 people and offices and associations located across the globe. DWF recorded net revenue of £380million in the year ended 30 April 2023. For more information visit:


About ShareDo:

ShareDo is a cloud-based business automation platform that enables law firms to manage cases, workflows, documents, communications, reporting, and billing in a unified and integrated way. With a focus on innovation and AI-driven solutions, ShareDo empowers legal businesses to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver superior client experiences.

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